Accelerator Technical Forum 2020 has closed

Thank you to all those who participated

Although it was hosted via Zoom it went very smoothly.


Melbourne, Australia

The Accelerator Technology Forum (ATF) is a three-day workshop aiming at providing a collaborative stage to highlight the most recent medical accelerators, technology advances and accelerator applications in Accelerator Physics in Australia. The ATF will bring together leading members of the Australian scientific, technology and accelerator communities that are contributing to its success.  The 2020 ATF will be hosted virtually via Zoom by the ANSTO Australian Synchrotron and will be held on Monday the 26th of October 2020 to Wednesday the 28th of October 2020.


  1. Highlight the current state of accelerator development and applications in Australasia
  2. Identify current and future shortfalls for Medical/Particle therapy and Imaging and compact/table-top light sources
  3. Create a community of Australasian organisations that can share information and work together for mutual benefit
  4. Identify development and collaboration opportunities and establish frameworks for the community to work together
  5. Identify pathways towards an accelerator stream of the Graduate Institute
  6. Identify funding sources for accelerator development, including government grants
  7. Raise awareness of accelerator development in Australasia

For more information go to the conference website: https://events01.synchrotron.org.au/event/129/

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